Random post - Arashi's new year message

久しぶり、みんな!元気ですか? ♡
明けましておめでとう! 今年もみんながお幸せになるように ♪( ´▽`)
そして、今年も宜しくお願いします m(_ _)m

Today, I'm going to Johnnys Family Club at Shibuya and found this \(//∇//)\

And this...

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I'm so happy, and want to share it with all of you (^o^)
Hope this messages can make us keep supporting them like before...

Happy Sho's month ♪( ´▽`)


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Random post

Well... Finally, I can post something for a long time ~ (Sorry it's not translations though)
Only a random post, but when I re-watch anishi gackt episode, I found something that surprise me in this episode.
Two weeks ago, I'm going to tokyo tower with my friends, and then I take some random pictures with my phone.

This picture (1 of many pictures):

At first, I forgot that gackt shows this landscape to ohno (they called it 'another tokyo tower at night') in Arashi ni shiyagare (eps 53 - 2011.07.16)
But when I re-watch it, and open my phone... this picture is same with the tokyo tower in the anishi episode ∑(゚Д゚)

The only diff. is this pic was take at daytime and gackt's anishi eps was take at night =x

Nb: Sorry for spamming anyway xD (okay~ back to study and then sleep)

Good night, everyone. Hope I can post something in my winter holiday~
But maybe I can't reupload the hardsub files, since in Japan you can re-upload or download something that has copyright.
And my friends said that Japan government is tracking every IP (i'm not sure though, but it's better to obey it >.<")


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[Subbed] Arashi ni Shiyagare #31 (2011.01.15) - Higashiyama Noriyuki

I just finished subbed this =)
There's community which subbed this but it's closed and i don't know when it's open.. So I just want to sharing this video to people who cannot watching it yet.
Because some people like to have softsubs, I give it.. So you don't need to download the video again if you have download it before.
But please don't distribute or take it as your mine ^^~ (OK, I believe on everyone, won't do such a thing XD)

This episode are really funny so it's really worth to watched =)

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Enjoy =)

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Tagging game "MEME" - Shout to the Lord

I got this games from reza_danish and massu_piggy and found it really funny.. So I will trying it by myself ♪(´▽`)

The rules:
1.) Put your itunes, windows media player, etc on shuffle.
2.) For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4.) Tag 20 friends.
5.) Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6.) Have fun!

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Arashi gif

Today's HnA Mann 5 SP

I'm just shocked when i see all of them airing now ~

Summary from all mannequins:
#1 J's mann
#2 Nino's mann
#3 Sho's mann
#4 Ohno's mann
#5 Aiba's mann

what i choose before on the site is Aiba's mann althought i think that's Sho's mann..
And this month mann5 sp is really unpredictable ~
*Ohno's mann. really expensive xD~ about 383k yen if i don't forgot remember*

Now I'm waiting for the ranking =3
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That's all for today's mann 5 =x
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[Subbed] HnA #148 - 2011.09.15 (cut)

Hi everyone~
sorry for lately post my subbed HnA since i must working and studying on my real life..

Here is this..
Bring to you, Himitsu no Arashi Chan 148 subbed (cut) with Eikura Nana as Guest (numbering will be follow the kazunari dreamwidth)
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Sorry because i translated this on midnight *sleepy condition* i thought i have a mistaken translating on:
1) 0:00:13.27 ---> Note: After summer season is Autumn season, which way the flower will be falling (known as Fall season) [That's why they are talking about flower shop]
2) Sugimoto Aya's segment: daifu (the godfather).. I just wrong read the hiragana "daibu"(considerably) become "daifu", the translation will become like this:
0:17:12.54 ---> Jun: We were going deeper into this topic
0:18:12.69 ---> Guest: I will looking for the pervert's thing
0:18:16.55 ---> Jun: She has became a good adult, isn't it?
*that's why I'm curious and watching the HnA again and realize there's something weird on it*
I'm sorry for the mistaken ~

Thanks for your understanding =)
hontou ni sumimasen deshita m(_ _)m

Enjoy =)


Just found some old pic's when i'm browsing to search something related arashi..
I'm just saying "Ehhh... Is this is true?" *Repeated on my mind*  because i'm saw aiba's pic with a girl when he's young 

Here's the thing that make me shock..
Aiba's old pic

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It has been solved by Reza_danish and dhannylyn =)
thanks for information's sharing xD
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[Subbed] Aozora Pedal - PV

This is a request from   reza_danish

Since i'm just bored with my studying of Japanese Language
that's why i just decided to accept her request :D
*thanks for help me to releases my stress from studying >.<~*

This is my first time to subbing karaoke version 
That's why i'm sorry if it's not perfect 100 % xD
there is kanji, romaji, and the engsub [there is a few talking section too on the PV]

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Please tell me if the link doesn't work =)
Thanks ♫
Arashi gif

Arashi's 12nd Anniversary

Time really move faster ~
I feel it's not a long time ago, they releases 5x10 anniv and now it will be their 12nd anniv
The feels still same :)
Hope they will go to the top and reach all their dreams together
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Really love all of you, Arashi..
Without all of you, my day become worse xD~
and thanks for always here when we need you :D
Remembering me of "Kaze" said that you are always here for us

Happy Arashi's day, minna :)